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Cold Shrink Termination


Use the entire cold shrink termination technology, the convenient installation, which does not require heating by flame or special tools. As long as we pull out the plastic string from silicone rubber tube, the silicone rubber will be tightly shrunk in the needed position. It is unnecessary to have a special training Does not need specially to train, just install according to the instruction, so it is time-saving. The stress unit and the main body insulation compound into a body, prefabricating and taking shape in the factory. So it can eliminate the hidden danger as installing.


By enlarging the dimension of stress-cone, larger tolerance will be permitted and faults due to installation are reduced to a minimum. It doesn’t have the sewing mark as though the cold shrink tube is lengthened, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful.

Wide application: Possessing a series of superior performances such as antipollution, long usage, hydrophobic, cold-withstanding, etc. The cold shrinkable accessories can be widely used in various regions, especially suitable for high level region, cold weather region, high-humidity region, salt-fog region and high-polluted region etc.

Utilize widely, suitable to the high elevation area, cold area, moist area, salt mist area and heavy contaminated area. The installment does not use the open fire, specially is suitable for the petroleum, the chemical industry, the mine and so on the flammable explosive place. The whole seal, uses the many kinds of methods to seal each connection spot, ceases movement accident which because the external environment creates.

We have complete series in 1kv/10kv/24kv and 35kv cold shrink termination.

cold shrink indoor termination

cold shrink indoor termination