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Dasheng and IBA signed an exclusive agreement by IBA


IBA will reach Sheng electron beam accelerator is added to the high beam abortion product line IBA-Dynamitrion (Ceng Yongming RDI Dynamitron R), expanded the supply capacity. Since April 1, 2010, the IBA will become the outside areas Dasheng electron beam accelerator China exclusive distributor, and is responsible for installation and support services provided. “This cooperation not only expanded our IBA Dynamitron from the product line, Dasheng will put them online cable and heat shrinkable products, tape irradiation system, professional experience of irradiation processing and related products to cooperate to” IBA industrial President Serge Lamisse said, “the two product line will be for us customer service. Dasheng accelerator mainly for research and development institutions and low beam current applications, and IBA Dynamitron will focus on high productivity applications in high beam flow.” “The achievement of this partnership with IBA to let us in on the geographical expansion of coverage, providing IBA support and service” for users all over the world, as president Kenneth said Mr. Xiao sheng. Dasheng electronic accelerator and IBA Dynamitrons are the highest level design for industrial and scientific use of the accelerator irradiation. Electron beam irradiation than other techniques significantly improve the cable impedance, durability and insulating performance. Each year, more and more automotive and aviation cable by electron beam irradiation processing. Sheng is one of the largest heat shrinkable materials manufacturer in China and even the world, the group is located in Jiangsu province of china. Dasheng and development of electronic accelerator, composite materials and related test equipment. Dasheng R & D department is focusing the development of new applications, you can get hands-on training in Sheng customer service center. IBA industrial products is the industrial application field of electron and proton accelerator leader. The unique X electron beam, X-ray and proton treatment technology is applied to various fields, such as: World cable crosslinking, medical supplies disinfection, food sterilization, material modification, safety inspection, crystal improvement etc.. Today, more than 250 Taiwan IBA industry accelerator is put into use in the world, some of which have been used for over 50 years.