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Dasheng group 30 years of successful private casting


From the shoe factory to heat shrinkable material factory, and then to the Accelerator Corporation, this is Dasheng group growth “trilogy”. Is located in the north of that community Sheng, was founded in 1981, this year was 30 years old. Shengda 30 years similar to a person’s life: the first 18 years of rapid growth, and experience life exam; then selected one of the promising professional, began to study hard and struggle; 9 years later, to obtain a doctorate in age, Shengda stand on a new starting point of life. Every step of the development of Dasheng, agrees with the development strategy of the National: the last century eighty or ninety’s, to solve the employment of rural surplus labor force; the end of the twentieth Century, the adjustment of industrial structure, heat shrinkable materials industry to enter the field of polymer materials; the current is the transformation and upgrading, through increased investment to form heat shrinkable material production, processing, manufacturing irradiation irradiation processing equipment, complete industrial chain. Cautionary Sheng Li Yong forefront to unseat the “emperor” juan pain difficult venture Shou Yeh difficult In the tenth year of Dasheng leather shoes factory established, Shengda shoes has been known throughout the country, founder of Xiao Shuigen is therefore selected national best farmer entrepreneurs top 10, the first to be pushed to the climax of life. Mr. Fei Xiaotong mentioned Dasheng leather shoes factory in “nine visit Jiang Cun” had, and use it as a township enterprises rose from the primary mill as a typical example begun to take modern management factory type analysis. At that time, Shanghai shoes do best, Dasheng leather shoes factory after open, Shanghai leather shoes factory, two plants and seven plants were closed. Shengda shoes can replace Shanghai shoes, because at that time, Shengda hired is Shanghai’s best shoes master, quality up wins leather shoes is not lower than Shanghai, but lower than that of Shanghai production costs, so Shanghai shoe do but sheng. Shengda people earn money not in his pocket, but snowball type to expanding the scale of production, to further improve the technology, it is a magic weapon for winning Shengda leather shoes factory. In 10 years time, Dasheng leather shoes factory from 18 workers initially, to the development of more than 3000 workers, greatly to solve the employment problem of rural surplus labor force in the local. By the end of last year, Shengda group already has 7 sets of electron accelerator irradiation accelerator, become home to have the largest number of energy base, the most complete, the most species wide. Shengda Accelerator Corporation also as one of the main drafting units, participated in the “accelerator engineering general specification”, “radiation modification of new materials and products” the formulation of national standards, this means Dasheng group has the right of discourse in the industry. Last year, Shengda Group and further lengthen the industrial chain, the establishment of the Jiangsu Shengda polymer Co Ltd. After 10 years of efforts, Shengda has grown from a single production of heat shrinkable product development to today’s comprehensive production, in the field of high polymer material in irradiation processing, manufacturing irradiation processing equipment such as a complete industrial chain. To further enhance the level of science and technology, the group in cooperation with the Tongji University set up “Tongji University – Sheng combined with polymer materials engineering technology research center” the acceptance by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the declaration has been the provincial engineering technology center this year; about 5000000 yuan investment in the R & D building has been broken, is expected in the second half of this year can be put into use; cooperate with Beijing Research Institute of automation for machinery industry, Tsinghua University Institute of nuclear and new energy technology deployment, some cooperation projects have been included in the National 863 plan. This year, Shengda Group will invest 100000000 yuan, an increase of 3 electronic accelerator, then the group will have 10 sets of electron accelerator. The next 2 to 3 years, the group will reach the international advanced level in the same accelerator. “Our last year’s sales is 70000000 yuan, is expected to double this year.” Dasheng group vice chairman, general manager Ma Xiaoli said. Now Shengda size is not big, but very fast growth. It is for this reason that makes the transformation and upgrading of Shengda has sample significance .