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Dasheng has been approved as a doctoral scientific research workstation


According to the national post doctoral Management Committee Office (“Bo tube to do (2013) No. 92) file and notify the Provincial Department of human resources and social security” on the addition of 13 branches in seven Park of Suzhou national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, such as post doctoral scientific research workstation “(Su Shefa [2014] No. 28) file, I company approved the new Wujiang FenHu economic and Technological Development Zone of workstation of postdoctoral scientific research station. The company attaches importance to the research and development of carrier construction, and constantly improve the R & D facilities, the introduction and cultivation of talents in R & D. Now has 4000 square meters of the experimental sites and gas chromatography, hydrogen mass spectrometer leak detector, machining center and so on 50 sets of advanced research and development equipment, has the famous expert, senior researcher and other professional and technical personnel more than 56 people, accelerator manufacturing level and the application level of the domestic leading position radiation. The company set up a post doctoral scientific research workstation, research cooperation with Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units, jointly cultivate talents, promote the transformation. The company will provide a good living and working conditions for the postdoctoral researchers, to carry out research on key conversion device, high nuclear medicine, radiation in EB/X applications, and further enhance the company’s technological development capability, expand the application field of electronic radiation.