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Dasheng heat shrinkable: fast development of talent accumulation


Located in the north bank community Wujiang FENHU Economic Development Zone Jiangsu Dasheng heat shrinkable materials Co., Ltd, after 10 years of efforts, now has developed into a comprehensive production, in polymer material industry and nuclear technology in the field of radiation processing, manufacturing processing equipment such as a dragon irradiation production enterprises. Shengda company association responsible person said, Shengda company can have the gratifying achievements of today, the key lies in the Enterprise Association for science and technology, attach importance to science and technology, pay great attention to the talents, create an expert advisory committee of experts by the company, the company external group, high level academic leaders and technical backbone composed of competent and efficient technology development team, set contribution for the enterprise onto the fast track of development. Carefully build “home of scientific workers” The development of enterprises, we must rely on science and technology; to the road of science and technology, talent is the fundamental. Shengda company cast from the establishment of the first day, put the talent introduction in a prominent position, the introduction of technology professionals widely, while the technical personnel together, and carefully build the “home of scientific workers”. As early as Shengda company start-up time, companies hire professor Sun Jiazhen of our country famous high polymer material and radiation chemistry expert, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry for the technical adviser, from one step goes on research closely “broad road”; in the establishment of accelerator manufacturing company, old experts introduced 10 many in the accelerator R & D for decades to join, of which there are 6 experts enjoying the State Council allowance; established in polymer Co Ltd, and from Guangzhou hired a senior engineer; new establishment of New Material Co Ltd, is more focused on a number of professors, doctoral and master’s degree. Over the years, the enterprise association to external and to introduce high-tech talent as a “treasure”, through the scientific and technical personnel to create a “nest”, increase scientific research incentive intensity, to send technical personnel to go out to continue studies in so many ways, firmly to the scientific and technical personnel to condense in Shengda company cast the “home”. Continue to strengthen innovation ability In recent years, Sheng technology company to research and development center of polymer materials as main body, through the organic combination of management and scientific research, technological innovation capability and core competitiveness of enterprises is improved obviously, and provides strong technical support for the sound and fast development of enterprises. Since 1997, Shengda company has successively and Changchun of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi’an Institute of nuclear technology, the CAS Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, Lanzhou Institute of modern physics, Tsinghua University, Tongji University and other dozens of research institutes to establish a more stable cooperative relations, and built 4 key joint research lab. At present, the key research laboratory respectively bear the company of high temperature corrosion resistant hot melt adhesive, anticorrosion of pipeline with cryogenic adhesive, sealant, viscoelastic pipe anticorrosion pipeline anticorrosion epoxy primer, locomotives and vehicles with low smoke halogen-free high performance cable material and many other major scientific and technological projects, effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the play an irreplaceable the. Enterprise through the construction of cooperative innovation system, further enrich and expand the technology innovation team, to make up for the lack of technology center of polymer materials in various fields of expertise is not complete, not prominent characteristics, academic leaders not high quality, realize the effective configuration of each professional field, greatly improves the strength and level of basic research, applied research of amplification and the engineering company. Continue to extend the industrial chain Dasheng heat shrinkable in 1999 at first, just a single production of radiation crosslinked heat shrinkable products. In order to promote the development of the enterprise, the company by the science and technology as the guide, adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, continue to extend and lengthen the industrial chain, to enhance the market competitiveness. More than 10 years, the enterprise has invested to set up Jiangsu Dasheng accelerator Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Dasheng polymer Co Ltd and Suzhou reached with the new materials Co. Ltd., etc.. Accelerator manufacturing company in 2009 has been completed 7 accelerator production, will this year plans to produce 20 accelerators, and in Belgium, the first cyclotron electron accelerator inventor – IBA companies cooperate in the development of new electronic accelerator and headquarters, and strive to become the domestic production of accelerator and most species, the most complete, most energy level leading enterprises with advanced quality. Polymer company produces various kinds of high temperature resistant low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material, wherein the 150 DEG C radiation crosslinking halogen-free low smoke flame retardant cable material, 125 C radiation crosslinking of locomotive vehicle with low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable materials, such as 105 DEG C radiation cross-linking flame-retardant rubber insulation is to fill the domestic blank. This year in cooperation with Tongji University to set up Suzhou with new material limited company, in the field of silicone adhesives, epoxy will advanced research results at home and abroad to take the lead in realizing the industrialization, the production of a variety of adhesive materials technology by chemical synthesis technique and reactive extrusion, microelectronic, solar energy and chemical industries and other special .