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Oil and Gas Pipeline Corrosion Protection




heat shrinkable sleeve

visco elastic tape


Dasheng pays great attention on corrosion protection of steel pipline such as oil, gas and other chemical substrate. Dasheng anti-corrosion products meets the requirement of DIN EN 12068 and has achieved DVGW certificate.

Dasheng’s pipeline protection products are designed for corrosion protection of steel gas and oil pipeline, including corrosion protection of welded joint, flanges, valve, elbow pipe and so on. Our sleeve products are suitable to joint protection of 2PE, 3PE, FPE, epoxy coal tar and PP pipe.

Dasheng products are widely used in Indonesia, Audtralia, New Zealand, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Ligya, UK, Italy, Poland, America, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey and other countries around the world.

Category Material Application
Heat Shrink Sleeve WSS(M) HDPE backing

Mastic Adhesive

Welded Joint of Gas and Oil Pipeline Corrosion Protection 2PE
Heat Shrink Sleeve WSS HDPE backing

Hot Melt Adhesive

Epoxy primer

Welded Joint of Gas and Oil Pipeline Corrosion Protection 3PE
Tubular Heat Shrink Sleeve TA HDPE backing

Hot Melt or Mastic Adhesive

Welded Joint of Gas and Oil Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Flanges, Valve, Elbow pipe and other irregular shapes.

Heat Shrink Wraparound Tape WT HDPE backing

Hot Melt or Mastic Adhesive

Welded Joint of Gas, Oil and water Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Pipeline Body Corrosion Protection

Flanges, Valve, Elbow pipe and other irregular shapes.

Cold Applied Tape CTB-Y/CTB-B PE and PP backing

Butyl Rubber Adhesive

Pipeline Body Corrosion Protection

Flanges, Valve, Elbow pipe and other irregular shapes.

Visco-elastic Tape NTD Visco-elastic Polymer and Fiberglass Steel Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Flanges, Valve, Elbow pipe, pumps and other irregular shapes.