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The Chinese Academy of Sciences production base settled in Wujiang Fen Hu Dasheng group


“Application Center of high energy electron accelerator new high-energy electron accelerator, using international advanced, overcome numerous difficulties, and built a demonstration device of domestic high energy electron accelerator applications.” The morning of November 1st, the establishment of nuclear Chinese Zhang Huazhu of director of association of Wujiang FENHU Development Zone Shengda Group RHODOTRON electronic accelerator application center, fully affirmed. Wujiang city leaders Wu Wei, Wu Xinming attended the inauguration ceremony of the center.

In the high energy electron accelerator application center was established at the same time, the Chinese Academy of Sciences of modern physics, which wins the research base on the same day ceremony, the director of the Xiao Guoqing said, and Da Sheng group cooperation to set up production base, to build a platform for the group electronic accelerator industrialization, but also create an opportunity to further promote the cooperation between the two sides.

Wujiang is located in the FENHU Development Zone Shengda Group, from the production of leather shoes to heat shrinkable material, and then to the accelerator, thirty years of development, composed the Dasheng grow sturdily “trilogy”. At present, Shengda Group under the existing Jiangsu Dasheng heat shrinkable materials Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Dasheng accelerator Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Dasheng polymer Co Ltd and Suzhou reached with the new material limited company 4 companies.

According to Sheng Group Chairman Xiao Feng introduction, the newly established Jiangsu Sheng RHODOTRON electron accelerator application center, is the comprehensive advantage of relying on Jiangsu Dasheng heat shrinkable materials Co., Ltd. in the application of nuclear technology and created. The development trend of center follow the international radiation processing, take the lead in the introduction of electronic accelerator RHODOTRON IBA of Belgium, in the domestic, aimed at building an advanced electronic accelerator demonstration device, manufacturing industry, for the Yangtze River Delta and the surrounding areas of the medical and health care products and food processing, pet feed manufacturers provide radiation processing business quality.

Zhang Huazhu said, from the heat shrinkable material, to the accelerator, to polymers and new materials, means Dasheng group has initially realized the application of nuclear technology industry internationalization, scale and intensive.

Scientific and technological innovation, through the development course of Dasheng group. It is because of the way the sun bath technology, Shengda Group to achieve changes from the footwear industry to the nuclear industry. In order to enhance the level of science and technology, the group in cooperation with the Tongji University set up “Tongji University — Sheng combined with polymer materials engineering technology research center”; in cooperation with the Beijing Research Institute of automation for machinery industry expansion, electron beam and X ray dual-purpose accelerator; cooperation with the “Tsinghua University Institute of nuclear and new energy technology” established “radiation technology and environmental protection joint laboratory”, the project has been listed as a national “863” plan project…….

Author: cast FENHU Development Zone